welcome to htworld new topic about coronavirus transmission which is known as china virus and how to protect yourself from corona virus and best treatment for covid_19

 Hello everybody and welcome to your blog Ht world today I'm sharing with you a new topic about coronavirus transmission which is known as china virus and how to protect yourself and your family from corona virus and best  treatment for covid_19. and in the next few lines the most important Five things yo've to do to protect yourself from coronavirus (covid_19) .

1- Wash your hands with soap and waters and Sanitize your things and foods.
 the world is experiencing corona virus pandemic the worst pandemic in last 100 years it started in one, China from there it has spread to Italy and throughout 200 countries within the whole world during this situation we'd like to know the way to fight back against this virus remember in this case our enemy is invisible so let's see and let's try to skills we can fight back how hand-washing can help so for instance this individual is infected with corona virus now when he cough or sneeze he's putting his droplets filled up with a corona virus within air studies have shown that corona virus can continue air for a minimum of Three to Four hours and on surfaces it can stay for even days now let's say another an individual that is the same surface on which that previous individual has sneezed or coughed now the droplets involves his hand and next time when he touches his hand — anywhere he is infecting the opposite people also for example hand shaking or while returning home he's getting to the supermarket he's touching the supermarket cart and putting the virus there also while removing money let's say he's transmitting the virus or putting the virus therein surface, and the virus can stay that surface for long now while another individual touch that same cart not knowing there's virus the virus goes to his arms also and next time he touches his face with the hand the sport is over we will understand the degree of transmission of this virus, and the way dangerous it's none of these things we actively perceive while doing our everyday work right, but it's the time to perceive these quite things that what The possible ways in which you'll get exposed to the virus from exchanging money exchanging plastic goods or taking groceries packets this stuff can really transmit the virus right at this situation what's doable or what's recommended by WH o is washing hands let's say the person isn't washed the person has not washed his hand and taking an elevator within the elevator door within the door handle of his home he's spreading the virus and keeping it on the surface, and before the virus can die out it takes several days for the virus to die out right, therefore, the virus would be transmitted to a different an individual who whosoever touched the door handle or touch the elevator door in order that is why it's time to fight back during this situation the primary thing, we should always do after returning to home from outside is to require a soap I the soap or soap bar then repeatedly wash the hands and therefore, the six steps of hand-washing is shown by WH o so wash our hands thoroughly for a minimum of thirty to forty seconds now let's mention what's the mechanism of the killing of the virus so it is very similar the way we remove oil stain from our clothes so so as to remove stain we put detergent in the washer and what happens is the oil stains are removed by the surfactants therefore the detergent molecules are also polar in nature so detergent molecules literally pull out the dirt from the surface and put them nicely around it similar things happens just in case of corona virus so corona virus is an enveloped RNA virus envelope simply means it's a lipid coat the lipid coat is very much almost like the oil droplets that extends our clothes also now in order to get rid of the lipid droplet you can use soap or detergent now soap molecules are very similar to the lipid molecules because the soap molecules even have hydrophobic tail and hydrophilic head group hydrophilic means it's the water loving and hydrophobic means it's water hating now this is often the virus and when you wash your hands with soap water what happens is the hydrophobic tails are interacting with the hydrophobic tails of the phospholipid present within the viral envelope and that they are pretty proud of each other because they're interacting with hydrophobic interaction now a number of these drop a number of these soap my series take out phospholipid from the virus membrane and damage the virus envelope now you'll understand while using soap and water for an extended time the viral envelope is often severely damaged a damaged virus isn't so efficient in terms of infecting so its virulence factor would be reduced but these phenomena is merely possible once you wash your hands thoroughly for a minimum of 20 to 30 seconds below that the cleansing mechanism won't be efficient the exchanging of those phospholipid and moving that into them soap my series won't be sufficient enough so it's necessary that you simply wash your hand for at least 20 to 30 seconds beyond that's even better but that is the minimum threshold now it's also true that these viruses are RNA viruses so if we dip ourclothes or the items that we expect that would be exposed to virus like ourclothes while beginning from wellcoming back from outside we'd like to dipit in boiling water a minimum of thetemperature should be 60 degrees andabove based is boiling water which mightbe 100 degrees weat that temperature the proteins or thespikes that are present on the outersurface of the virus would be denaturedso because the genetic material which is RNAit won't be stable at that primetemperature unfortunately we can't bepower hand therein boiling water becauseit would cause bond that's whyrepeatedly hand-washing with soap wouldbe very efficient during this situation doyou want to understand how hand sanitizerswork then stay tuned to my channel andsubscribe my channel because i might beposting tons of updates about coronavirus and telling you the science andfacts about it and bust all the mythsbut also keep an eye fixed on the newschannels and at this example we cannotprevent it but we will know our enemysuch that we will avoid our enemy during thissituation stay safe if you liked thisvideo provides it a fast thumbs up don'tforget to love share and subscribeplease share this video to grow our ands and educate people education is that thething that we'd like education andawareness can really help us to cope upwith this example and check out to remain Imean attempt to bring safety to our familyand our in our friends .

2- Be carful of individuals around you avoid clothing meetings 

Be careful of individuals around you and keep your distance from anyone coughing or sneezing because they can infect you with cdc coronavirus . occupy least 1 metre away to prevent inhaling the tiny liquid droplets sprayed by coughs and sneezes.and 1. don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth

3- Stay at home
 Do not leave your home and stay at home if you've got either: a heat this means you are feeling hot to the touch on your chest or back.You do not got to measure your temperature,or a replacement continuous cough.This means coughing tons for quite an houror three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours.To protect others don't attend places sort of a GP surgery, pharmacy, or hospital.Use the 111 online coronavirus service to seek out out what to try to to .Visit the NHS website for up-to-date information.

4- boost your immune system

Naturally and medically 
is there really an evidence-basedapproach to spice up your system andreduce the danger of the corona virusI'm dr. Brett Shore the medical directorat diet dr. calm and you almost certainly knowdiet doctor because the leading low carb andketogenic website and you'll bewondering well what does that need to dowith coronavirus well one among the items we pride ourselves on at diet doctor isreally trying to chop through thehyperbole traverse the superb media claims and mention what thescience really shows because it relates toour health and that is why we feel aresponsibility to deal with what is going on on within the world immediately with acoronavirus epidemic so a few ofthings we've two posts recently thathave been put abreast of our website andencourage you to travel to diet dr. calm toread these the primary written by anneMullins was six tips for low carbcoronavirus preparedness and therefore the reallygood tips you recognize about adopting socialdistancing I'm sure you've heard thatand hopefully are implementing that butalso the way to stock your fridge with lowcarb options I mean numerous people aregoing to the stores and buying thepastas and therefore the refore the crackers and the driedgoods that basically last forever buteggs can last for five weeks within the fridge you recognize cream and cheeseand some longer life vegetables thingslike broccoli and cauliflower can lastfor a couple of weeks if stored correctly andof course meats and fish and butter youcan store within the fridge you'll store inthe freezer so this does not need to be atime for you to abandon a coffee carblifestyle and refill on all the highcarb foods with enough preparation andenough thought you actually can persist with a low carb lifestyle eat healthy evenduring this era of a self quarantineor sheltering in situ in promotingsocial isolation so I encourage you toread an Mullens post she goes on to speak about stocking the pantry with you nutsand nut flours confirm you've got plentyof that confirm you are taking a glance at all the expiration dates which youhave all of your other personal essentialstoo like coffee and tea that's an enormous oneI know tons of individuals can't livewithout that one but take a glance at anmom's post i feel you will find ithelpful then there'sa second post which I wrote aboutboosting your system to fight thecorona virus we have seen fantasticalclaims on what vitamin C can do aboutwhat silver nanoparticles can do whatessential oils can do but what's theevidence really show and that i gotta behonest this is often a troublesome one because ourimmune system is not just one thing ourimmune system is that this intricate systemwhere everything kind of plays togetherand it's to try to to with our baselinehealth and it's to try to to with numerous different factors on the inner play oneach other it's hard to check anyexperimental study what we would like to understand is does something reduce your risk ofgetting an infectionwell those studies are few and much between the more common study we've are people who check out what does it doto your B cell function or your T cell function or your macrophages ordifferent specific segments of yourimmune system and people are quite hardto translate but I mean obviously wehave to address low carbon nutrition anddoes that affect your system andwe don't really have any top quality human data to mention that eating low carbor eating keto is gonna reduce your riskof getting the corona virus that doesnot exist now there was a recent studyin mice that showed a keto diet reducedtheir risk of getting influenza okaywell what does that mean for humans andwhat does that mean for coronavirus sothere are a few jumps in there butcertainly what does one need to lose Imean you've got tons to realize because onething we do realize the people arehaving complications severecomplications from coronavirus is thatpeople with type 2 diabetes potentiallythose with higher hemoglobin a1cs sowith higher blood sugars and that we knowfrom other data whether it's postsurgical infections or simply diabeticfoot ulcers that the upper the bloodsugar the upper the infection risk andthe lower the prospect of recovering frominfections so putting all that togethermake sense that you simply need a diet you would like a lifestyle that's gonna keep your bloodsugar low keep your blood glucose steadyagain it isn't proven that that's gonnareduce your complications fromcoronavirus but that i feel may be a fairlylogical jump and that is why a low-carbAkito diet really does slot in because itreally does help lower those blood glucose spikes and keep the blood glucose on alower steady level and reduce theincidence of type 2 dieBeadie so to me that creates tons ofsense albeit we will not say we've proofthat it's getting to improve anythingabout the coronavirus then in fact inthis post I talked about the fundamentals thehand washing not smoking due to thelung complications getting adequatesleep now our actually studies showingthat you're more susceptible to infectionrisks with but seven hours ofsleep certainly but five hours ofsleep and one night likely isn't goingto do it but if it adds up over timethen you would possibly be at higher risk and oneof the items that impacts sleep themost is is that the blue light from ourdevices and if we're all enclose andlocked reception one thing we were doingmore of is more tablets more phones morecomputers so get those blue blockingglasses on or search for other activitiesthat don't involve tech this is often an excellent opportunity to read books not ebooks butread books i can not get groceries fromAmazon anymore because they're all outbut I can get many books and i am ordering them to form sure I even have plentyto read also jigsaw puzzles crosswordpuzzles we're doing numerous jigsawpuzzles with our youngsters and that they love themit's a great evening activity so Ihighly recommend those also I'll talkabout exercise so exercise may be a greatone because there's studies that showthat long-term exercise let can improveimmune function in your decreased riskof infections now those areobservational trials they need confounding various bolts but here'sthat here's the kicker there's enough tosuggest that you simply shouldn't try future or sorry long duration greater than anhour and a half or high intensityexercise acutely because which will acutely decrease your system alsoathletes who over trained or at a better risk of infection so I encourage peopleto get outside move do moderateexercise but avoid the high intensityinterval training certainly if you'renew to it and if you already roll in the hay maybebring it down a notch just to assist reduce that risk of suppressing yourimmune system temporarily in fact stress management may be a big one and alsodrinking alcohol carefully tons ofpeople are turning to alcohol to kind of deal with the the frustration and therefore the stress and that i get that I've had a couple of extra scotches myself lately but inmoderation there's many evidenceout thereheavy drinking can suppress the immunesystem and increase risk of infectionsthen we even have an entire section onsupplements and again this is often a troublesome one because when you're measuring theeffect of a supplementary you're talkingabout the precise a part of your immunesystem you're talking about decreaserisk of infections so vitamin C is that the big one vitamin C may be a water-solublevitamin at 2,000 milligrams or lessthere's likely no danger to taking it soI recommend people take up to 2,000milligrams each day to assist reduce yourrisk of infection especially during a timelike this is often there is no so there is no high quality proven data but there's youknow some evidence that giving IVvitamin seed septic patients can reducetheir risk there's you recognize someobservational studies showing fewerinfections with higher with higher dosevitamin C and for something like thiswhere there's really no significant riskat the 2,000 milligram dose i feel it'sprobably worthwhile and that i certainly roll in the hay and recommend it my family the othersvitamin D that really may be a largemeta-analysis on Studies on vitamin D that showed supplementing did slightlyreduce the danger of infection mostprominently in those that are low ontheir vitamin D level so if you're lownow is the prospect to urge that level upright now is that the time I should tell get that level up so supplements you'll supplement with two thousandinternational units ask yourdoctor though it's going to be check biopsy to make sure you're getting into the proper range but more important thansupplementing is getting outside gettingsunlight the foremost effective thanks to getvitamin D is thru skin conversion andat a time like this being outside andgetting some fresh air is so importantwhen we're stuck inside tons justremember to not attempt to get such a lot sunexposure that you simply burn within the winterthat's a touch less of a priority butstill are often a priority so you bought tobalance the vitamin D with the burningand the carcinoma so try if the sun isshining if it's cooperating where youare trying to urge outside and expose alarge a part of your body to the Sun forabout quarter-hour it can help with thevitamin D and again at little or no costother things like zinc could also be helpfuljust confirm you use the internet'sole because that's related to potential for loss of smell and that is aand that's an excellent example of claiming nowwhat's the harm it's just zinc you recognize just take it but surprisingly andunexpectedly there was a complication ofpeople taking the intranasal form andhaving loss of smell which is prettysevere complication so if you're gonnatake seeing take it orally and fewer than
was it 40 milligrams you've got 40
milligrams per day which also could also be beneficial as there's some evidence thatsays that reduces the duration of a chilly again the way to translate that to coronavirus is unknown but if we're lookingfor something things like turmeric Imean come on add it to your food what'sthe harm there you recognize it is a goodtasting spice which may be worthwhiletoo albeit there's not great evidencethat it reduces infection if you'retaking blood thinners though take care about that ask your doctorsame for garlic i really like garlic my wifehates it though so I need to take care about adding it to an excessive amount of food but ifthere's any chance that's gonna help andI like the taste why notit's a stimulating question about thewhole kind of risk benefit ratio soanyway I could continue about some moredetail but check the post at diet doctorcom one among my favorites was though oneof my favorite parts was the part aboutchicken soup there actually are somestudies and that i didn't know this i assumed it was just an old wives tale Jewishgrandma's tale whatever you would like to callit but there's some studies that onestudies show that soup inhibitedneutrophil migration now does that meandecrease infections who knows right butwe've got some great bone broth and souprecipes on our website that you simply mightwant to see out if nothing else that'sa wonderful tasty comforting food and that i think that's worth tons whether ithelps your system or not so whatdo we deduct from all this but thisis a stressful time no doubt about itstressful time for all folks and we'relooking for answers we're trying to find things we will do hopefully a number of thesetips will assist you we'll assist you helpyou kind of traverse a number of theevidence the evidence which will or maynot exist about helping with a coronavirus and boosting our system thekey is be healthy lookout ofyourselves lookout of 1 anotherlook out for the elderly and therefore the infirmdo your part to assist flatten the curveand do your part to assist your neighborif you'll be safe be we're goingto get through this and that we anticipate to supplying you with more information here atdiet doctor calm .

5- teach yourself from right resourcess  like 

who organization.
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